Michael Sutton

is an exciting and vibrant Cape Town DJ and producer who has a huge passion for entertaining audiences. Known for his positive attitude, reliability, and professionalism, he has developed long lasting relationships with nightclubs and event organisers across the city.  With his seamless mixing style and ever-growing musical knowledge, Michael has had his weeks filled with Club & private gigs, weddings and corporate events for the past 14 years of his DJ career, rarely seeing him go a week without a gig. His versatile taste in music and ability to read a crowd will keep the energy high on the dance floor – and keep it going!

Michael was exposed to a vast number of musical genres by his parents while growing up, he found inspiration in the melodies of the 80’s and 90’s, as well as the pure instrumental sounds from the classical era. He has taken this influence and merged them with rhythmic African drums and percussion to create sounds that express his love for music.

When it comes to being behind the decks, Michael is comfortable mixing an array of different genres. Some of the most notable ones are organic house, afro house, afro tech, tech house, melodic house, pop & 80’s – 00’s. He is however not limited to these and can play to suit the crowd. 

Towards the end of 2022 and the beginning of 2023 Michael shifted his focus towards the more rhythmic genres of Afro house and afro tech, deciding to build his brand around these. The genres are a representation of all the musical influences Michael has had in his life and are what bring him joy.